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Return to the small town of Redfish on the Texas coast with national bestselling author Eve Gaddy. Three sexy, emotional novels of passion and romance together as a boxed set.


Ava Vincent hightailed it out of Texas more than twenty years ago, vowing never to return. But when Ava takes the “perfect” job in Redfish, Texas, she never expects to find her estranged brothers living in the same small town. Reconciliation is made that much harder because she won’t explain why she completely cut off her family. Some secrets can’t be shared. Ever.

Widower Jack Williams moved to Redfish hoping for a better life for himself and his troubled teenage son. When he meets Ava he knows that here is a woman he could be happy with. But there’s more to Ava than she’s sharing, even with the man who loves her. Jack could forgive her secrets, but could he forgive the shameful truth?

Should she play it safe and push Jack away? Or listen to her heart and take the biggest risk of all?


Globe-trotting security systems troubleshooter Brian Kincaid has no plans to change his easy-going bachelor lifestyle. Until he discovers he’s the single parent of a ten-month-old son he never knew he had.

Moving to tiny Redfish, Texas, where his two brothers and their families live, and hiring single mom Faith McClain as his live-in nanny, provide a temporary solution to this unexpected dilemma. Though his attraction to his son’s tempting caregiver complicates the situation, Brian is confident he’ll be soon be able to take over on his own…once he gets the hang of caring for a baby.

Abandoned by her boyfriend when he learned she was pregnant, Faith has had to depend only on herself. Becoming nanny to Brian’s son Will, allowing her to stay home with two adorable babies, is exactly the job she’s hoped for.  After all she’s been through, surely she’s too smart to fall for her sexy boss and his precious son, no matter how appealing they are.

Both Brian and Faith are crazy about the babies.  Will it take a Christmas miracle to convince this committed bachelor and the gun-shy single mother to believe they can find true and lasting love—with each other?


When hard-working Redfish, Texas, cop Maggie Barnes finds an abandoned infant next to her cruiser, she thinks she’s found the answer to her dream of motherhood. Except to stand the best chance of adopting baby Grace, she needs a husband.

Who else to turn to but her best friend, Tucker Jones? Though the confirmed bachelor had no plans for a wife, much less a family, he can’t say no to Maggie. Especially after she insists the marriage will only be temporary, until she knows the baby is hers.

The only flaw in this plan for a short-term, platonic marriage? A long-term, simmering attraction that fires into a boil as hot and uncontrollable as the Texas summer sun. And a “temporary” union may not be nearly enough to quench the flames.

*formerly published as The Christmas 


**formerly published as Baby Be Mine

June 26
SxNW Publishing

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