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Learn how to get over Retroactive Jealousy in 12 Steps without spending a fortune on therapy. 

Is your mind caught in a vicious circle of repetitive thoughts about your partner’s past love life?

Are you extremely bothered by the fact that they once engaged in casual sex? Or were in love with someone else?

Are you constantly wondering how to get over your girlfriend’s past? Or boyfriend, husband, wife’s? 

Don't Worry, I Know What You're Going Through...

I was also once afflicted by retroactive jealousy issues — irrational jealous thoughts about my girlfriend's sexual past — and struggled FOR MONTHS to overcome them.

Platitudes like "Just move on," or "The past is the past" were well intentioned but, as you probably know, completely meaningless.

BUT finally, after months of battling, I discovered the secret of how to overcome my girlfriend’s past sexual exploits…

My retroactive jealousy book will help squash all jealousy of your partner’s past, for good. 

Inside I will teach you the ultimate retroactive jealousy cure — how to overcome retroactive jealousy in a relationship 12 SIMPLE STEPS.

Learn which TWO KEY EMOTIONS are fueling your retrospective jealousy, AND how to get rid of them.

REWIRE your mind to think about your partner's past in a whole new positive light. "What you resist, persists!"

Learn how to BREAK the cycle of resisting these jealous thoughts and feeling worse because of it.

Stop interrogating your loved one about their past behaviour and zero in on what really matters -- THE PRESENT.

In short, learn how to not care AT ALL about your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend's sexual or romantic history.

Learn How To Stop Being Jealous In Your Relationship In 14,300 words, 12 steps, 3 sections: 

Part 1: Understanding Retroactive Jealousy Issues

Discover just what a retroactive jealousy disorder is. As Yoda used to say "Named must your fear be, before banish it you can." 

Part 2: Rewiring The Mind
The next four steps tackle how you're thinking about your partner's sexual history and rewires these thoughts to reframe them in a much more positive light. As you’ll find out, retroactive jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand. 

Part 3: Practical Exercises
You can't overcome retroactive jealousy in a relationship by thinking about it. In this last section I give you four hands-on practical exercises that you can do every day to kill all your anxiety about your partner's past. 

Join The 100s Of Satisfied Customers Who’ve Beaten Retroactive Jealousy OCD

Here’s what just one of my happy customers had to say about my book about overcoming retroactive jealousy:

“Something must have deeply echoed with my subconscious….as well as my rational mind and these feelings were GONE. Years of making myself depressed and hurting my peace and energy over imaginary stuff…..gone…. Thank you! You are a good man.”

— Pat. O. St Louis (see original email from Pat here: goo.gl/ovqwhu) 

Get your thoughts back under control and end the “mini-movies” about the past and let go of your angry, judgmental, and jealous emotions and feel at peace once again. 


-- Jeff

13 November
Jeff Billings

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