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In the tradition of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, THE UPPITY EARL by Marilyn Clay is a clean, sweet and wholesome Regency romance. Miss Tessa Darby was born in England but grew up in American. Now she has returned to England to escape the tyranny of a cruel stepfather and to try to reform the harsh child labor laws of her birth country, Harrison Belmour, the Earl of Penwyck is the very sort of influential gentleman Tessa wishes to impress with her plea. But a more self-righteous man she has never met!

Lord Penwyck is having the devil of a time controlling the deplorable behavior of his mother's houseguest, the lovely, auburn-haired, spectacle-making young lady from America. The stubborn chit simply will not take direction and the last thing the aristocratic family needs is another scandal! Still, the earl has to admit there is something refreshingly tantalizing about a beautiful woman who is also principled and intelligent. Still, he refuses to believe he is falling in love with the willful young lady, even if he continues to reflect on what a perfect countess she would make!

"Another unusual plot from the talented pen of Marilyn Clay! I loved both Tessa and the Earl of Penwyck. Readers will laugh aloud at the dance lesson!" – Melissa Frederick.

"Ms. Clay handles social reform issues in Regency England with aplomb! A perfect blend of romance, and humor within a captivating plot."–Red River Reviews.

(Ebook editions of THE UPPITY EARL are also published as MISS DARBY'S DEBUT and THE HYDE PARK SPECTACLE.)

NEW! MARILYN CLAY's critically acclaimed Miss Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series. MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, MURDER IN MAYFAIR, MURDER IN MARGATE and MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK are all now available in both print and Ebook. Book 5 in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery series will be out in late 2018. The clever Miss Juliette Abbott always solves the crime with wit and aplomb!

If you enjoy the clean, sweet Regencies of Hanna Hamilton, Joan Smith, Charlotte Stone and Emily Hendrickson, you'll enjoy the traditional, clean, sweet, amusing Regencies by Marilyn Clay, all suitable for teen readers, with no strong language, graphic scenes or violence.

Marilyn Clay's historical suspense novels include DECEPTIONS: A Jamestown Novel. Catherine travels to the New World in search of her betrothed but what she finds in Jamestown nearly destroys her.  SECRETS AND LIES: A Jamestown Novel. Four young English girls come to the New world on a Bride Ship to marry settlers, but are shocked to find that someone in the colony wants all of them dead! Both books were originally published in hardcover. Secrets And Lies has been re-released in paperback as A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES.

BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY is another of Marilyn Clay's popular historical suspense novels. Set in Philadelphia in 1776 Quaker Betsy Ross sets out to uncover who killed her beloved husband John Ross, but is instead drawn into the dangerous and confusing underworld of spies and double agents. Available in both print and e-book.

STALKING A KILLER, a contemporary murder mystery by Marilyn Clay, is set in Dallas. Can Amanda clear her father from a murder charge before the killer strikes again?

A former University Editor, multi-published author MARILYN CLAY is a highly respected historian of the English Regency period. Among Marilyn Clay's non-fiction titles are three Ebooks on Regency period furniture, available online.

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Marilyn Clay

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