The Wicked Prince

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From Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Wood comes a new royalty-enemies to lovers-billionaire romance. Fans of Ruthless Reign by Aleatha Romig, Twisted Games by Ana Huang, and Cheeky Royal by Nana Malone will love this book.

A wealthy prince whose royal obligations weigh heavily on him. A fiery reporter hot on the trail of her next news story. A sultry night of passion that bursts into the red hot flame scandal.

Wealthy prince Stellan comes to New York City for the night. He meets pretty pink-haired Margot in the depths of a shadowy underground nightclub. Drawn to her sultry dancing and magnetic charms, he seduces her. Soon the press mobs the hotel where Stellan is staying, forcing him to reveal his royal blood.

Margot is a reporter at a fourth-rate news rag. She is baffled by her hookup’s explanation of why the press is at his door. Stellan offers her an easy out: she can lie, telling the press that she’s doing a story on Stellan.

In exchange, he will hook her up with a great job and swanky accommodations back in his home country while all of the press interest blows over. Stellan makes it clear that there can be no future for a prince and a commoner. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting another taste of her lips.

She knows that if she gives in to his desires, it will only end in heartbreak. He does too, but that doesn’t stop the sparks between them. How will this future king watch his beautiful one-night stand simply walk away?

If you love off limits, forbidden royal hookups, simmering passion that you have to keep secret from the public, and wealthy men deceiving everyone to get the women they fall in love with, this standalone romance is made for you!

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Keywords: queen, princess, rich, wealthy, powerful, prince, king, royal, royalty, heir, inherit, regal, strong-willed, bound by duty, honor, freedom, love, dreams, abdicate, political marriage, protector, bodyguard, kingdom, realm, destroy, fairy tale, happily ever after, Cinderella, off limits, commoner

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2 June
Vivian Veritas LLC

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