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This story is for all children from 6 to 80 years of age. For a long time ago, you could find the trolls in every forest in the world. Now there is only one forest left where you can find these honest and hardworking small trolls. Earlier they were as common as the Gnomes, that looks similar to the troll. But even Elf's, Fairies and Leprechauns. The trolls are quite small, most of them are below four feet, some as small as three feet. They live today in an old forest up in northern Canada.
The Jones family, living in Florida, were having their usual discussion about where they would spend this year's vacation. As they are a democratic family and both John and Beth, their eleven years old twins, voted for the Canadian forest, and Lucille, their mother voted with them. Canada's oldest forest became this year's vacation goal.
They decided to go up by car, and on a Monday morning, they left for Canada. After four days they, at last, had reached their goal. In this forest, the troll King, King Trollgare, had decided to send out scouts to find out how far into the forest these humans had come. The trolls were sent out in pair, the two that got the most southern part, were Malik and Gilta. They had reached down to the most southern part of the forest when they heard an awful sound. It was the car the Jones family were driving. When they saw four people coming out of this huge machine, they both got scared and hid behind some bushes. Malik that was carrying a book about magic, dropped the book, and Gilta got scared again and stepped on a twig that broke. Both John and Beth heard the noise and saw the two trolls. Don't be scared said, Beth. we are bigger than you, but we are not dangerous. Please don't run away from us. The two trolls were as scared as they could get, but they stayed put and started to speak to these two humans.
Here started the full story about magic, bank-robbery, theft, and murder. And a good comradeship between the trolls and the Jones family.

Crime & Thrillers
February 18
Bo Widerberg

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