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David Wilson has grown up scared. Terrified they will come. They told him that, “One word and you will be brought back.” For six years he’s lived in a bubble, not telling a soul what happened at Hemsworth House. In that time he has learned to steal cars. He feels safe in them. A mistake is made when a car belonging to Vinnie Mossy, a top man in the underworld of Cheshire, is taken. A mistake somebody is going to pay for.

The Tubes are born; a weapon David has mastered over his years of loneliness. Feeling that others would make fun of them, David is frightened to use them in public and keeps them hidden up his sleeves. Soon they become his only hope when he’s forced to fight for his and his best friend’s life. And when used, they change everything.

Robert Mansil is a freak of nature. Only 18 years of age, six feet three tall and with a very large, powerful body, he is well known for terrorizing the town of Mossley where he lives.

A bond is created between the two and now he will follow David through the gates of hell.

Soon a reputation is begun. Others are fearful when confronting David and his Tubes. A small business begins for the boys when they actually take over a club. But they have left people with broken reputations in their wake. People who will do anything to get these reputations back.

David is full of vengeance because of his past that he can’t get away from. There is a need to get rid of the demons that come in the night, and the only way it can be done is to face them all and to get rid of the pain that lies deep inside of him.

The Tubes are a big part of David’s life, giving him strength and confidence whenever they are in his hands; but will the Tubes be enough when the time comes? Will the Tubes still give me the strength I am going to need when I come face to face with the demons?

Set in Manchester and its surrounding areas at a time in the mid 70s when the criminal world was on the move, Tubes is a violent and disturbing story about power and child abuse.

Health & Well-Being
March 29
David Williams

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