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Thinking of starting a postdoc? Want to know how to move on from a postdoc? Or simply want to make the best of your postdoc years? Being a postdoc is not a career ... but it can be the pivotal point in the making of one. This friendly, practical, and occasionally humorous guide to all things postdoc combines the three authors?€? vast experience of postdoc careers and personal development.

This is a guide to developing, advancing and furthering yourself and your career. In working through exercises, learning from the experience of others (including the trials and tribulations of the authors), and seeking out information, we hope you will consider what success means on your own terms. In its pages you will find advice on:
Choosing the right postdoc for youMaximising your postdoc contract for personal and professional goalsSelecting and attaining your next career step (academic or otherwise)
Your postdoc is part of the journey towards a range of career destinations; from an industrial R&D specialist to politician, from lecturer to spin-out Chief Executive, and this book is designed to help you get there. Providing indispensable advice on UK-based postdocs for national and international students, it is perfect for those making exciting transitions (student to postdoc, postdoc to the wide world of careers beyond) or for those who simply want to take their postdoc up a gear.

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Contents:IntroductionChoosing a PostdocThe UK Higher Education SceneComing to the UK as a Researcher — With Lessons for Those Going OverseasHow to Get the Most Out of Your PostdocThe Relationship with Your Principal InvestigatorPublish and ProsperTeaching and SupervisingTransferable Skills Development and Taking OpportunitiesEssentials of Effective NetworkingUnpredictable Research — Balancing Risk and RewardMore Productivity, Less Stress: Relieving the PressureDiversity in ResearchResearch Integrity and EthicsTaking Responsibility for Your Career and Decision MakingCareers Beyond AcademiaFellowshipsThe "Lectureship Leap" (Lectureships: What are They and How to Apply)How to Write a Winning Curriculum Vitae (CV)Interviews and QuestionsConclusions: What Do We Hope You Know Now?Over to You
Readership: National and international postdocs, student to postdoc, postdoc to a career, or for those who simply want to take their postdoc up a gear.
Postdoc;Research;Career Development;Advice;Early Career Researcher;Fellow;Fellowship;Academia;Researcher;Academic;Higher Education;Career SuccessKey Features:The author's have a collective wealth of experience working at major research intensive Universities and InstitutesThe material is presented as a workbook building in personal reflection and practical exercisesIt is the book about the UK academic world that everyone expects should have already been written, but never hasIt is down to earth and tells it like it really is — no fancy "development/trainer" language has knowingly been included

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