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I know a BS excuse when I hear one. And my new boss has thrown half a dozen at me about why we can't be together. I only have one thing to say to all of that. The number of fuc—uh—forks I give about what other people think about us is zero. A big fat goose egg.

See! I've even learned to watch my language around her and the kid. I'm that serious about proving to this woman she needs to give me—give us—a chance. That it doesn't matter if she is a little older than me, or that I work for her, or that the Mudville gossip mill will definitely choose us as the topic du jour.

All that matters is that I can prove to her that life, especially life in a small town, is so much better when you don't give a fu—um, I mean—fork.

Darn it, that swear jar is going to bankrupt me.


I’ve sworn off men. It took me thirty-nine years and two huge mistakes in the romance department to come to my senses but I finally did. Work is my life now and that’s exactly the way I like it.

That’s what makes it extra uncomfortable that the adorable three-year old I inherited for six months while my sister is deployed has chosen a hot, ripped twenty-something farmer as our new live-in nanny.

Boone’s too nice, too sunshiny and too good with the boy for me to fire him, but dammit he needs to start wearing more clothes around the house because I’m one hard ab away from breaking my vow of celibacy with a man who’s ridiculously wrong for me in so many ways.

Zero Forks is a standalone opposites attract, older woman younger man, steamy, grumpy boss romance set in Mudville, the crazy small town you’ve come to know and love.

Catch up with all the Mudville small town crazy!

28 July
Cat Johnson

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