A Sweet Seasons Novel Audio Collection A Sweet Seasons Novel Audio Collection

A Sweet Seasons Novel Audio Collection

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    • 35,99 €

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This four-book audio collection presents the complete Sweet Seasons Novels series, which follow Candace as her first job at a local theme park turns into a year-long roller-coaster experience. YA readers thirteen and up will enjoy the humorous plotlines and relatable characters, as well as the first-love romance and exploration of faith and friendship.

Perfect for fans of rom-coms, clean love stories, and contemporary young adult fiction, the complete Sweet Seasons Novels series is now available in one audio download! 

A Sweet Seasons Audio Collection includes:
The Summer of Cotton Candy: When sixteen-year-old Candace is forced to get a summer job, the only position available is at a candy booth at the local theme park. Surviving the many odd surprises The Zone has in store for her won’t be easy … but it may be worth it if she can get to know her handsome and mysterious coworker.The Fall of Candy Corn: As autumn approaches, Candace finds herself working as a monster in the big Halloween maze attraction. But when she discovers her youth group is planning to come for an event, she might be the one getting the biggest scare. Especially when it appears one of her fellow monsters is taking their role a little too seriously.The Winter of Candy Canes: Candace usually loves Christmas, but in her role as an elf, things aren’t so merry. From issues with her boyfriend to discovering one of her coworkers is in desperate need, Candace will have to draw on her faith and rely on her friends to bring out the true meaning of Christmas.The Spring of Candy Apples: As her senior year is coming to an end, Candace has big decisions to make—about college, her future at The Zone, and whether her friendship with Josh could become something more.

Emily Durante
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2 août