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Alias Emperor Rodgers is a memoir of the crazy days of Top 40 radio, the “new” format that launched like a rocket in the 1950s and blasted whacky DJs and rock ‘n’ roll music across America like a streaking comet. 

Top 40 hit Baltimore, Maryland, in 1956 when WCAO “grabbed it and ran” - that story is told here through the journey of a high school kid from Pennsylvania who, along with buddy Kerby (Scott) Confer, hopped aboard the juggernaut early and rode it to the top. 

This radio history is filled with fun and frivolity, just as AM radio was back then - with promotions people scheming up crazy stunts that would never be allowed today. The story offers insight into the business of radio, told with genuine affection for the many people who helped this author build a radio career that reached heights far beyond his wildest dreams. 

First to WSBA in York, Pennsylvania, and WARM in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, as Paul Roberts (alias number one), then to Baltimore’s premier Top 40 radio station, WCAO, where he rises to prominence as Paul Rodgers (alias number two), and where he is soon elevated to the exalted rank of "Emperor Rodgers" (alias number three). 

Yet another dream was fulfilled when Paul left Top 40 radio to join the staff of radio personalities at Metro Media’s WCBM, an early adopter of yet another "new" radio format called Hot Adult Contemporary - "Hot AC" for short. 

All along the way it was Paul’s privilege to be working with the best, which enabled him to become one of the best. 

The audiobook comes with links and images that illuminate the story and enhance the listener's experience that are all available in a companion PDF. 

If you enjoyed watching WKRP in Cincinnati, you'll love listening to, Alias Emperor Rodgers: A Majestic Memoir by Baltimore's Emperor of Insanity in the Crazy Daze of '60s Top 40 Radio.

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Paul H. D. Rothfuss
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