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No more lonely nights, finally put an end to the friend zone!

You’re a good guy. You’re not bad looking. You’re kind and considerate. And you’re able to hold a conversation with a great mix of humour and intelligence.

You should be killing it on dates, right?

So why aren’t your dates progressing the way you want, if you can even get to a date in the first place?

In today’s world, the art of conversation and “the pickup” are lost arts.

According to a recent study, woman are more impressed with a man that can approach them in real life than they are with smooth pickup lines on apps.

This means you’d better up your game.

Since so many people are online, being real and interesting in person is becoming more and more rare-it give you a surprising edge!

But you have to make yourself stand out from the rest.

This audiobook almost wasn’t released; but the techniques are so time-tested and powerful that they couldn’t be kept secret forever.

In Apex Male: Effortless Sex!: Attracting the World’s Most Beautiful Women, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

How you can stand out from the crowd and get any woman, anywhere, anytime
13 simple tricks to make her want you right away and to build on that attraction over time
Clear and obvious signs of attraction to help you read her body language and how to influence her with your own signals
The glaring deal breaker that you’re probably doing right now that is preventing you from hooking up
The number one tip you can do, right now, if you’re looking to step up your hook up game
How to ask her out in casual but engaging ways that strike the right balance of humour, calm and assertiveness
What women really want
How to handle exclusivity vs playing the field and the conversation to have with her
And much more

You are so lucky to be living in this time of social awkwardness.

Where previously you’d be competing with possibly dozens of other guys, most now are stuck in their smartphones and will never dare approach a woman in real life.

What’s more, is that most gorgeous women say they are never approached by guys because their beauty is intimidating!

Whether you’re looking for lasting love or love that just lasts the night, all you have to do is put some effort into yourself and start approaching women today.

The women of your dreams are just one simple conversation away. Prepare yourself to get her with rocking self-confidence and a devilish mastery of human interaction.

If you want to go out on more dates and hook up with more women, then buy this audiobook right now.

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