Christmas Heat (Unabridged) Christmas Heat (Unabridged)

Christmas Heat (Unabridged‪)‬

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I knew being an omega would get me fired one day, I just never thought hiding it would be the excuse they needed. Irony, you suck. 

For years I was their best employee, right up until their new alpha hire smelled me in heat. I could’ve kept my job by playing his game, but I’ve spent my whole life running from my biology. I have principles. 

I also have bills. Which is the only reason my desperate search for a roommate ended with a grizzled alpha veteran, Stefan. Brooding and damaged from years of battle. 

My biology and I are not on speaking terms now. 

But who needs words when you live inches from an alpha who looks like that? I was just kidding myself, pretending it wasn’t inevitable, our wild night of passion that ended with me pregnant and freaking out. And kicking him out. Look, mistakes were made. 

Now I’ve got a new job with tons of stress, a baby on the way and a wannabe mate who doesn’t know he’s gonna be a dad. All because I’m paranoid he’s gonna take the baby and leave me. The way everyone else has. 

Maybe its why I don’t listen when he tells me my new job is shady. Why I’m so eager to prove him wrong. To prove myself right. 

Except I hardly ever am… 


 I was the best of the best, and now I’m nothing at all. A broken alpha who can’t even get his omega roommate to look at him with need. Desire. Hunger. 

I don’t know why I thought things would be different with Tyler, but I did. There was an undercurrent to the way he avoided me in the mornings. A tension when he said he didn’t need or want an alpha. Want me. 

Or so I thought, but one frantic, amazing night together and it’s like he can’t even stand to look at me now. I try and keep my distance. Give him what he wants, even if that’s not me. 

But something about his new job pings all my alarms. Instincts that’ve kept me alive all these years. I wish his work was everything he wants it to be, but deep down I know better. 

I just don’t know how to convince him before it’s too late… 

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Max Tone
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14 janvier
Equal Love Publishing