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Chuck Tingle is a world-renowned master of the 'tingler'; a story so sensual, so erotic, and so powerfully gay that it will change the whole way you look at erotic romance literature. Collected here are three such tales of the living object variety. Are you ready to depart on a depraved journey of gay lust that will tingle you to your very core? If so, than this explicit collection is for you.

The State of California Stalks My Gay Butthole

When Plurk and his buddy decide to spend the afternoon poolside looking for chicks in the Miami heat, the last thing they expect is to run into the state of California taking a dip. Quickly befriending the celebrity state over Avocado Shirley Temples, Plurk soon finds himself falling head over heels for this handsome geographical location.

Pounded in the Butt by My Leaked Mashly Addison Data

Kurps Krimple is a senator from Washington D. C., knows a thing or two about lying, especially when it comes to cheating on his wife with a seemingly endless parade of bigfeet who have rods the size of your arm. His favorite website to find hookups, of course, is Mashly Addison, a bastion for cheaters looking for something discreet.

But when word gets out that Mashly Addison has been hacked, and the private data of several politicians leaked onto the Internet, Kurps is terrified, until he discovers that his sensitive information is nowhere to be found. That's when he receives the call.

Happy Birthday Frankenstein, Now Pound My Butt

A down-home-country-kinda-guy, Porp has always dreamed of taking off after college to backpack across Europe, but life on the farm hasn't provided enough to make this a financial option. Luckily, Porp has some connections to a famous, racecar-driving monster named Frankenstein, and soon finds himself in the undead monster's luxurious, racecar-themed apartment at the heart of Berlin.

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Sam Rand
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Chuck Tingle