Civil Pemberley: An Imaginative Retelling of Pride & Prejudice (Unabridged) Civil Pemberley: An Imaginative Retelling of Pride & Prejudice (Unabridged)

Civil Pemberley: An Imaginative Retelling of Pride & Prejudice (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 15,99 €

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The most beloved Pride and Prejudice moments and characters weaved within an epic and steamy romance. This "What If" Jane Austen inspired tale delves into an adventure story, full of espionage and intrigue. Well-received by the upper classes in the country’s capitol, no one suspects this charming young woman to be a wolf amongst sheep. Elizabeth Bennet is not who she appears to be. As war rages on, Elizabeth is expected to carry out her role as spy. Her life and the safety of her family depends upon it. But what happens when she realizes her values align with those of the enemy? Will the love of a handsome young officer, Captain Darcy, endanger her? 

Excerpt: But Mr. Collins is not the only person who is disapproving of Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam's conversation this evening. 

"Have you met my cousin?" When Elizabeth appears unsure, he elaborates. "You see that handsome fellow across from us?" 

He gestures over his shoulder and Elizabeth peers across the table and meets the eyes of the man to whom the Colonel must be referring. The man's expression darkens and he quickly looks away. If his face did anything but frown, Elizabeth admits to herself, he would be quite handsome. 

"The man who brought the frown to the party?" she teases, wondering if he can hear them. 

"Precisely. He has been out of sorts of late, but tonight he seems determined that no one, least of all me, should enjoy themselves." 

"Are you on good terms?" 

"We are, though we are of opposite dispositions. That is Fitzwilliam Darcy. And a recent development puts him a rank above me as Captain." 

Before she could learn more, the Colonel is engaged by the lady on his left, leaving Elizabeth alone to feel the stares that came her way, especially from Mr. Darcy.

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