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Clive Worth is, without doubt, the master of Internet dating. If you ever wanted to know the fastest, easiest, and best way to seduce someone through an Internet dating site then Clive Worth's Internet Dating Seduction Guide is all you will ever need. When it comes to dating success then you can forget going to salsa classes to pick someone up and also forget astrological compatibility charts - they are a little long-winded and time consuming. Hear what the Internet dating king has to offer you, his guidance is out of this world. This is the sort of book that you can mark up and highlight, and you will keep delving into it for the best dating advice there is.

Meshed with real life dates that Clive personally has had success with, he will show you exactly what to do and what not to do. A very adult-like and sexually candid book, this is recommended for an adult audience only. If you are not broadminded then please do not listen to this book as it is has graphic sexual narration.

Intertwined with Clive's own dating success stories is his advice and guidance, from how to tell the size of a woman's vagina by just looking at her to how to instantly know if they will sleep with you through just one simple action. See the exact advert copy used by Clive to attract interest from potential online dates. Find out the methods to make them change their mind when you think your date has gone off you. All of this and more is in this book that is guaranteed to liven up your dating success and even your sex life!

Although Clive is heterosexual, this book's content could even be used to attract and seduce either sex by using the exact same methods for both. There are no long-winded instructions or pickup lines to remember. It's all so simple, and no one can guide you into seduction success like Clive Worth can.

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