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Do you ever feel that you're too nice? Do you ever feel like you're not going to say what you want in your relationship?

Perhaps the root of your problems lies in your co-dependent relationship. Many of us today believe that supporting our loved ones to get what they want will make them happy and make us happier in return. Although, as codependent people, we often forget to love ourselves. We always worry if other people are happy. We are considered too nice, and let people cross our borders.

In the meantime, we also end up discovering that our dependency is so deep that it is difficult to breathe without the other. Often, even after the partner has been given professional help, the co-dependent is left to pick up the pieces for the rest of his / her life. If you find yourself in a relationship like this, the answers you need are in the sections of this audiobook.

Here you will find tools to resolve issues of co-dependency for both you and your partner. The aim of this audiobook is to provide professional assistance to co-dependentsthrough techniques, resolutions, and solutions to heal themselves and their relationships properly.

When you have a codependent personality, you tend to have low self-esteem and turn to anything outside of yourself for comfort, such as alcohol, drugs, relationships, or compulsive behavior. This can take a toll on your life, leaving you in a state of constant fear of abandonment, a compelling need to satisfy and manipulate others, poor communication, lack of boundaries, and obsession with your partner. However, it is possible to recover from codependency and healing!

Anyone who struggles with codependent behaviors such as abandonment, trust, assertiveness, pleasing people, and dependence will benefit greatly from listening to this audiobook.

What you will learn:

Introducing You to the Concept of Codependency
Codependence Impacts Our Spirituality
Codependency Is Sneaky and Strong
Codependency Symptoms
Codependency Treatment Options
Codependency Stages
Codependent Relationships
How to Avoid Getting Burnt in A Codependency Relationship
The Paradigm Shift from Codependency
Codependency - Either Good or Bad?
7 Parenting Essentials to Evade Codependent Kids           
Understanding Codependence Through Analogies
And much more...

I myself have been a partner in co-dependent relationships and have gone through incorrect attempts to solve my relationship problems. That's why I tried to put this audiobook together to help you down the healing path.

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