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This audiobook, “Come Back Home, My Son. I Still Love You”, is the first audiobook in the series: “God Loves You.” The series has its goal to bring every human being into a reconciling experience with God that will set him free from all his sin and bring him into union with the living God; a union that begins in time and continues in eternity.

In “Come Back Home, My Son. I Still Love You”, the deliberate separation from God is presented and the unhappy fruit that man reaps because of his separation from God is exposed. The love of God for rebellious and independent man is brought out clearly. Finally, the beauty of the warm reception that man received upon turning back from his erring ways and returning to his Father (God) and his Father’s house, is demonstrated very convincingly.

This audiobook is a must listen for you. You must listen to it to see most clearly the goodness of God towards you. You must listen to it to come to grips with the fact that you are living in independence from God by personal choice. You must listen to it to confront the consequences of your rebellion from God, consequences which are very clearly manifested in your life. You must listen to it in order to be fully persuaded of God ‘s limitless love for you, a love that has moved Him to work everything out, so that you may come back home to Him and to His love. You must listen to it so as to know what you must do to go back to God today. Finally, you must listen to it so as to go back to God today. Now read on.

Religion et spiritualité
Gerald Zimmerman
h min
9 avril
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