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Against the backdrop of war in the Middle East, Cry Eden continues the saga of Noah Greenspan, a young and successful Jewish businessman, and his Palestinian American wife, Alexandra Salaman, a rising-star journalist in Washington, DC. 

Rich in historical detail, Cry Eden is a story about the power of love challenged by the stresses and tensions of age-old animosities. War, economic crisis in America, and terrorists plotting unspeakable revenge against Alexandra all converge in this pause-resister of historical fiction. 

Cry Eden, a riveting read, was preceded by The Eden Legacy and Heirs of Eden and concludes the Eden trilogy. 

In Heirs of Eden, Noah and Alexandra meet as children in Washington, DC’s black LeDroit Park neighborhood, where their parents are corner grocers and competitors. The Salaman family has just arrived in the US from Jaffa, following the Israeli War of Independence. Dispossessed of their home and their livelihood, they are brought to the US by a relative who has purchased a vacated corner grocery store for them. 

Eleven-year-old Alexandra and her twin brother, Yusuf, meet Noah Greenspan on the first day of school. The trilogy follows Noah and Alexandra and their families over a period of 25 years. They are years filled with drama, tension, and conflict as Noah and Alexandra fall in love as teenagers and face the heartache of love forbidden by their respective cultures and centuries of ethnic and religious conflict. The Greenspan family and the Salaman family, against all odds, forge a close relationship that evolves into a successful business partnership. 

In The Eden Legacy, Alexandra has become an established journalist who travels to the Middle East in the aftermath of the Six-Day War and is dogged by fanatical terrorists determined to destroy her. 

Cry Eden is a story of deep love threatened by terrorists who have plotted the ultimate revenge against Alexandra - revenge that would destroy everything she holds dear.

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