Emotional Intelligence for Leadership: Improve Communication Skills and Social Skills to Influence People and Achieve Anything You Want. Develop Emotional...and Boost Your Leadership Skills (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to improve your communication skills and boost your leadership?

Have you ever wondered why some people advance in their careers faster than you, even if they seem less intelligent?

Do you want to use communication and emotional intelligence to your advantage to create plants, delegate, solve problems, manage, and motivate your employees?

If you know that you want to be better in social situations, need help reading other people's emotions, are a leader at your work, or simply want to be more charismatic but are not even sure where to begin, then Emotional Intelligence for Leadership: Improve Communication Skills and Social Skills to Influence People and Achieve Anything You Want - Develop Emotional Intelligence and Boost Your Leadership Skills is for you.

In this book, not only you will learn how to best communicate with absolutely anyone, but you will also learn about the common stumbling blocks that a lot of people encounter when trying to be more open but end up knocking them off the path or discouraging them entirely. Being prepared for hardships is part of the process so that rather than giving up, you are ready to take it in stride. Inside, you will find fool-proof ways to overcome your biggest fears and live the life you are striving for.

You will learn:

Exactly what EQ, or emotional intelligence, is
How to find out if you have it
How to develop better emotional intelligence
Tips, tools, and tricks to be better at communicating
Fool-proof ways to overcome shyness
The perfect way to have a conversation with absolutely anyone
The secret to building deep, genuine relationships
How to nail down - and perfect - exactly what that elusive element of charisma is
The only five steps you need to be a great leader
How to talk to your employees
The best way to motivate your employees to give their best every day
And much more!

You will learn step-by-step instructions for all of your most challenging communication and social interaction situations. Learning how to be a better listener, meeting new people, being more assertive, understanding what other people's body language means, as well as knowing how to respond in all situations are not things that a person is born with. These are all skills you can learn, practice, and master. Understanding other people does not have to be a mystery. By increasing your emotional intelligence, you will learn how to predict what other people will do, and you will be able to use that to your advantage.

If you are ready to make a change in your personal or professional life, have more meaningful relationships, overcome your shyness in meeting new people, build confidence in social situations, become the person your friends and coworkers look to for help, or even just improve your understanding of your own emotions, give yourself the gift of listening to this book!

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