History's Greatest Conquerors: Julius Caesar: World's Conquerors Series, Book 4 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Julius Caesar has been one of the most well-known conquerors of the world. Discover his incredible life, how he became a legend, and the incomparable boldness of this incredible ruler!

Julius Caesar is quite an enigmatic figure to contemplate. He is often viewed as an upholder of liberty, the hero of the Roman Republic, but in truth he died a dictator. In another strange turn of events his assassins were those that he had granted full pardons to in his famous acts of clemency. Caesar was a man who was often found to be a polarizing figure. He was loved by the general public but hated by his peers in the Senate. 

He was also known for being a cold and tactical logistician, and yet he famously let his passions get the better of him when he encountered the beauty of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The life of Julius Caesar was a complicated one to be sure, as he has been denounced as a despot as many times as he has been hailed as a champion of justice. He was a man who practiced both mercy and vengeance. He crucified his enemies just as easily as he granted them clemency. 

Just as sure as his greatest benefactor Pompey became his greatest enemy, Caesar was a man who could make and break alliances quite easily. Caesar was a man who strode across the world stage not only as a conqueror, and master statesman, but as a true virtuoso of the human condition. He knew exactly what made people tick, and he knew how to take advantage of it. Listen to information about the life, the legend, and the unparalleled chutzpah of this incredible conqueror.

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