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Want to break free of boring drills and canned phrases and create and speak your own original sentences in Spanish with phenomenal speed and ease? Say hello to Automatic Fluency: How to Quickly Create Original Spanish Sentences Express

Here are just a few features of this fabulous program: 

High frequency vocabulary - Learn to speak the most common words and phrases that are easiest to learn and quickly understood by native Spanish speakers. 
Fast sentence-building templates - Use cookie-cutter templates that you customize to fit your own unique language needs. 
Degreed, educated native Spanish speakers from a variety of Latin American countries - Hear more than one accent and learn to create and speak original high quality Spanish that will be instantly understood by native Spanish speakers everywhere. 
Periodic memory technique - Automatically retain more of what you learn with this built-in memory review system that is already included in the program. 
Learn on-the-go - Even a few minutes' wait at a red light can give you the time to learn a new Spanish sentence with this magical program. 

Automatic Fluency® programs contain all the features needed to quickly develop fluency. These features include: 

Memory rich, vocabulary rich language - Builds your fluency much faster
Memory techniques - Ensures you remember and can use what you learn. 
Cutting edge original sentence creation techniques - You learn to put words together and create and speak your own original sentences. 
Mark Frobose - You benefit from a published expert, a multilingual English-speaking language guide and teacher. Mark explains everything to you in plain English. This is a huge benefit since you understand while you learn! 
Trained native speakers of the language that you're learning - While Mark explains everything in English, his trained native speakers of the language that you're learning teach you the correct accent, and teach you to speak their vocabulary rich language the way it's really spoken. 
The flexibility - Automatic Fluency programs fit into your waiting periods to help you move towards fluency during life's many inconvenient interruptions. A variety of techniques are used to make fluency building enjoyable and effective. 

No guarantee of fluency is either expressed or implied.

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