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ISIS is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of all of us. At first it was just another weird name from another distant part of the world where people made killing a way of life.

Soon though ISIS has become the word that comes to mind when we see an explosion on television, or another street lined with dead bodies.

Unlike so many of the other bad guys in the world like the North Koreans and Iranians, ISIS is in our back gardens. It has made fashionable an ideology that wants to destroy the West and quite literally take over the world under their black flag.

Usually groups that commit ethnic cleansing and routinely force women into sexual slavery are unanimously hated. But young men and women from all over the Western world have made the long journey to join ISIS. To pick up the mantle of Islamic terrorist. Hundreds of them.

What's worse is that ISIS sympathizers aren't just going to Syria; they're springing up here in the USA and other Western countries and killing civilians in lone wolf attacks.

What little good news there to be found, is that we can stop them, and this book here is to help you find out how.

When the now-monthly terrorist attack is announced on the news and we inevitably hear it was ISIS or some other Islamic terrorist organization, we start immediately hearing screams of #notallmuslims.

Before anyone can even question why these people want to kill we are told we are racist for even thinking such a thing. But it's this political correctness and this type of liberal chauvinism that is making fighting ISIS all the harder.

Attention is always turned away from ISIS, but it must not be and the first step in making sure this doesn't happen is in understanding what ISIS is, what radical Islam really looks like, and what we can do about it.

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Shane Morris
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3 avril
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