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It’s all about getting frisky with your lover while still maintaining a groove. It isn’t just about having sex, but about having fun, good, mind-blowing, and new sex.

Tired of always doing the same positions over and over again? Is doggy and missionary your go-to arsenal between the sheets? Have you caught your wife looking funny at those funky dices in sex shops with all the elastic couples redefining the laws of physics? Is your sex life in a rut?

I’m here to lend you a hand, or more to the point, I’m here to rip off the original sex manual and make that ancient tome passably enjoyable for you. When you want sex tips, don’t reinvent the wheel, start with the original...the big book of sex: the Kama Sutra.

What will you learn from this audiobook?

How to kick your one-sex-position rule right in the ass and start getting creative with your lover.
More than 50 ways to get him or her off. It’s not just about doing circus acts, it’s also about knowing what spots to aim for.
How to milk him.... Enough said.
An investigative exposition of the Kama Sutra. A history filled with wild, wacky stories.
Red flags and what no-nos to steer clear of while doing the deed.
Fetishes, fantasies, paraphilias, and all manner of depraved behaviors to get your rocks off.
Why getting in touch with your sexual desires is one of the four keys of life.
Quotes from actors, comedians, adult-film stars, your neighbors, and complete strangers on the streets.
Real-life sexual interactions. An encyclopedia of dirty talkers confessing.
A checklist of why your libido or your lover’s libido crawled into the refrigerator next to the jar of mustard.
Positions...positions...and more positions.
Endless smut. After you’re done listening to this audiobook, you’ll need Purell just to feel clean again.

Discover the secrets of the Kama Sutra today. Grab hold of your lover this very night.

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Aurora Nightingale
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8 janvier
Tracy Queen