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This user-friendly and easy-to-navigate audiobook offers you the conjugation of the most used verbs in the future tense. Truly, these verbs are all you need to find your confident way in French, under all circumstances. I have tried to keep it as simple and efficient as possible. Simplicity makes learning accessible and intuitive. For each verb, you will find all conjugated forms, and you will be able to listen to the pronunciation of each of these forms to make sure that you can pronounce it as close to the native way as possible.

Try to listen carefully, and remember to repeat after me, first while reading the forms, then repeating without listening several times. Don’t get discouraged. It is quite common among people who learn French to make mistakes in the pronunciation because they stick too much to the way the verbs are written. Give yourself plenty of time, and give a chance to your memory to store all these oral forms. At the end of the day, with enough repetition and perseverance, the conjugations will come to you naturally, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

There are 725,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel (Learn French with Vincent) and it includes a French course covering all rules of grammar for reading, speaking, and writing with countless cultural references. I also have thousands of people who wanted to go further with my exclusive platform French4me.net and succeeded to reach their personal goals. This is a backbone giving insight and structure to French studies. Memorizing the verbs’ conjugation is a priority, making it a fantastic practice with a tutor or on your own. There is a popular saying: "The sister of the talent is necessity."

It is totally normal to make typos when you write these forms. Native French speakers are the first ones to make typos when it comes to their own language, but most of all, it is really important to be able to pronounce them right so that people can understand you. Set yourself a goal to plan a trip to France with plenty of occasions to practice. You will appreciate it, and it will build your confidence. Everyone knows that practice makes is perfect - it never fails. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Another great bonus of learning through listening is gradually recognizing the words and understanding French movies! All ways combined, the French language is about communication, growth, acquiring knowledge, and l’art de vivre (the art of living).  

It might seem difficult at the beginning, but if you try your best every day - even a little bit - you will make it. It’s in your power.

About the author

Vincent Lefrançois has taught French at higher education levels for the past 28 years and has created online educational content for the past 15 years. He is French, born in the Loire Valley, which is considered by the French Academy as a place "without any accent".

He has been studying at the University in Paris, lived in New York, and has decided to go to Helsinki, Finland, to teach and develop educational products in one of the best and leading country in the world in terms of education. He is the creator (in 2007) of aYouTube channel - Learn French with Vincent - that attracted tens of millions of visitors and hundreds of millions of views. He is the creator of the platform French4me which aims to become the most complete and most efficient platform for English-speaking people to learn French.

Vincent Lefrançois
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18 octobre
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