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Whether you're a seasoned professional fighter or a white belt in jujitsu, if you're looking for an edge on the competition or just wondering what to watch out for in MMA, then you need to hear this book. There are so many tricks and techniques in the world of combat sports it can be the difference between winning and losing.

This is an extremely fun listen, filled with stories as well as examples of real life cheating in MMA, boxing, submission wrestling, judo as well as other sports. This book covers everything from the most basic types of cheating to the extremely crazy and ridiculous kind of cheating.

Have you ever watched a fight and wondered if the poke in the eye or the low blow to the groin was really an accident? What about when UFC fighters complain that their opponent was cheating in one way or another? This book covers it all. Cheating is a real thing and has been done for years.

This book covers cheating in many combat sports including:

MMA Training
BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu)
Wrestling Training
Muay Thai Training
Kickboxing Training
Boxing Training
Judo Training
Get the advantage you need to win!
Knowledge is power!
Learn from seasoned professionals!

This book is humorous as well as educational. I can guarantee you will learn some new tricks to add to your arsenal, not to mention you will surely have some laughs along the way.

Why you need to train in Thailand

Thailand has much to offer. There are beautiful beaches, wonderful people, and delicious foods. People travel to Thailand not only for the relaxing holiday but for the amazing opportunity to train in martial arts, specifically Muay Thai. However, in the past 10 years there has been a huge increase in popularity in not only Muay Thai but also MMA, wrestling, boxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Due to this increased interest, Thailand has become home to some of the best MMA gyms in the world. They have always been known for their world class stand-up skills known as Muay Thai or Thai boxing.

In this book you will learn why Thailand is such an excellent choice for training in whatever combat sport you desire. In addition, you will also learn:

How to get to Thailand
Visa and passport information
What cities to live in
What are the best MMA and Muay Thai gyms
How to finance your trip and make money while you live in Thailand
How to get MMA fights
How to get Muay Thai fights
How to get K1 Fights
Information on MMA promotions and promoters
Cost of living in Thailand
How to get the best deals on cheap flights
How to get sponsored by a gym
Ways to make money outside of fighting
Free time activities and info about the beautiful women of Thailand

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