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Collecting three tales of hardcore, beastly gangbangs, Monster Violations 19 is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to walk on the wild side. These stories include rough sex, gangbangs, double penetration, bukkake, cream pies, and monster sex.

The Drop Bear Brigade Madison loves adventure. A hot young college girl, she's already obsessed with making the most of her time here on earth, and expresses this by exploring every corner of it. Now Madison's travels have brought her to Australia, where she will spend the next few months working on a banana farm.

But something lurks in the trees high above Madison, a tribe of strange, mythical creatures known as the drop bears, who are said to drop onto unsuspecting victims below.

Legend has it that these creatures are vicious and bloodthirsty but, when Madison finds herself surrounded by the drop bears, she quickly learns that their motivation is much more sensual than she could have ever imagined. Soon enough, Madison finds herself at the center of a hardcore drop bear g******g!

The Poltergeist Project Something is terribly wrong in Katie's new home, but her husband doesn't seem to care. Could the floating furniture and slamming drawers simply be figments of Katie's imagination?

Things finally come to a head when Katie is left alone for a few days, experiencing several supernatural encounters and eventually calling a psychic who explains that the residence is home to a gang of horny poltergeists.

Hoping to rid her house of these sexy ghosts, Katie takes on a paranormal project that will put her ass on the line in a hardcore poltergeist g******g!

The Griffin Picnic When eccentric billionaire Charles Pennyworth died nearly a hundred years ago, he left behind more questions than answers. Most notably, what kind of animal had been living in the massive cage in his home?

Now that Pennyworth Castle has become a historical site, Denver, a sexy cryptozoologist, has decided to find out.

After learning that many have spotted a pack of griffins (large, mythical creatures with the body of a bear and the head of an eagle) while picnicking on the nearby cliffs, Denver decides to try her luck. But this young college girl soon discovers that she has bitten off more than she can chew, when the griffins surround her for a beastly g******g.

Romans et littérature
Hannah Wilde
h min
18 mars
Hannah Wilde