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The term psychomancy (pronounced, "sy-ko-man-see"), is derived from two Greek words, the first psycho, meaning "the soul; the mind; the understanding" (and generally used to indicate "psychic" or unusual powers of the soul or mind); the second word, mancy, meaning "to divine; to foresee, or foreknow; to detect secret things" - and in occult parlance, "to sense" or "to receive impressions by the astral senses". So the word, as we use it, may be said to mean "psychic sensing" and in this work will be so used. 

The word psychomancer means "one practicing psychomancy", and the word psychomantic means "relating to psychomancy". The word clairvoyance is frequently used by people to designate some of the phases of psychomancy, but strictly speaking, this term is incorrect when used in this sense, the true occult meaning of the word clairvoyance being "transcendental vision, or the perception of beings on another plane of existence - the seeing of disembodied souls, elementals, etc.". And so, in this work, we shall consider the true phenomena of clairvoyance as distinct from that of psychomancy. 

In this work, we shall regard as the true phenomena of psychomancy all the various phenomena known as psychometry; crystal gazing; perceiving distant scenes; a perception of past events and indication of future events; either in the full waking state; the state of reverie; or the state of dreams. And so, this work will examine, consider, and explain the various phases of phenomena above indicated - in short, the phenomena of "sensing" objects by means of astral senses, omitting the phenomena of clairvoyance or seeing disembodied souls, etc., which we regard as belonging to a different phase of the general subject and which require special consideration and examination. 

We will cover the following topics in their own separate lesson: the nature of psychomancy; how to develop yourself; simple psychomancy; the astral tube; psychometry; crystal gazing; astral projection; space psychomancy; past-time psychomancy; future-time psychomancy; and dream psychomancy.

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Dennis Logan
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23 janvier
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