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Learn how to nurture your highly sensitive child by elevating their strengths and navigating their differences.

Does your child often experience meltdowns or have trouble with highly stimulating environments? Or maybe they are highly intuitive and empathetic? These traits could all be signs that your child is highly sensitive.

While being highly sensitive is a personality trait rather than a psychological disorder, your child may develop other disorders, such as anxiety or depression, more easily.

Luckily, you can help guide them through their feelings once you understand what they are experiencing. You are not alone; 15 - 20 percent of children are highly sensitive, with many being misunderstood as simply fussy or introverted.

Katherine Guzman is an authority on the subject after raising a highly sensitive child. Through years of learning about this strong personality trait, they are ready to share their knowledge with you.

Katherine has the answers you need, as a parent who is enthusiastic about learning how to effectively raise mentally strong and healthy children.

You and your child can learn to expertly manage your child’s meltdowns and other unusual feelings.

If you are ready to help your child navigate their differences and help them thrive by learning their strengths, then you need to listen to Raising a Highly Sensitive Child.

Learning whether your child is highly sensitive will not only help them live a more fulfilling life while growing into healthy adults, but you as a parent will benefit as well.

You will learn how to deal with your child’s seemingly uncontrollable meltdowns and strong personalities.

You will be given the tools to navigate their traits and help them use them to their advantage rather than being held back by what can be seen as weaknesses to others.

Your child has exceptional abilities that they can utilize if they are given the correct tools to do so. You can help them see these strengths.

In Raising a Highly Sensitive Child, you will learn:

To effectively handle unexpected meltdowns
The concept of being highly sensitive
The science behind highly sensitive children
What it means to be an introvert
The different types of sensitive personalities
The importance of praising your child’s unique strengths
How to empower your child to cope with external stimuli
Expert advice to constructively discipline your child
The common traits of highly sensitive children
How to prevent your child from suffering
And much more...

A productive routine is essential for your child as they develop, which is even more prominent for highly sensitive children. Katherine is sure to include tips and tricks to set an effective routine for your child.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed if your child displays difficult traits such as constant meltdowns. It is every parent’s fear that they are raising their child incorrectly.

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