Riley Paige Mystery Bundle: Once Bound (#12) and Once Trapped (#13) Riley Paige Mystery Bundle: Once Bound (#12) and Once Trapped (#13)

Riley Paige Mystery Bundle: Once Bound (#12) and Once Trapped (#13‪)‬

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    • 24,99 €

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A bundle of books #12 (ONCE BOUND) and #13 (ONCE TRAPPED) in Blake Pierce’s Riley Paige Mystery series—which begins with ONCE GONE, a #1 bestseller with over 1000 five star reviews—and a free download! This bundle offers books #12 and #13 in one convenient file, with over 130,000 words of reading.

In ONCE BOUND, women are being found dead on train tracks across the country, forcing the FBI into a mad race against time to catch the serial killer. FBI Special Agent Riley Paige may have finally met her match: a sadistic killer, binding victims to the tracks to be killed by incoming trains. A killer smart enough to evade capture across many states—and charming enough to go unseen. She soon learns it will require all of her faculties to enter into his sick mind—a mind which she unsure she wants to enter. And all with a final twist that is so shocking, even Riley could not expect it.

In ONCE TRAPPED, a wealthy husband turns up dead, and his abused wife is charged with the crime. She calls Riley for help—and yet it seems clear she is guilty. But when another wealthy, abusive husband turns up dead, the FBI is called in, and FBI special agent Riley Paige wonders: is this all a coincidence? Or could this be the work of a serial killer? What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, as Riley Paige realizes she is up against a brilliant and unpredictable killer, one without a clear motive—and one determined to keep on killing until he is caught.

Dark psychological thrillers with heart-pounding suspense, the Riley Paige mysteries are a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Book #14— ONCE DORMANT —is also now available!

Policier et suspense
Jane McDowell
h min
24 juillet
Lukeman Literary Management

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