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Worried your church’s leadership has lost its way? Discover simple steps to evaluate your congregation’s health and protect your faith. Are you struggling to cope with the corruption in your church? Is remaining a part of the same ministry testing your faith? 

Author and pastor Casey M. Sabella dedicated 15 years of his life to a church he believed in with his whole heart. But when repeated wrong choices by the ministry’s leaders led to its catastrophic collapse, Casey turned to God to ask if there was anything he should’ve done differently. This is his story…

Spiritual Abuse: How to Identify and Break Free From Toxic Churches Without Losing Your Faith is a personal testimony and handbook for evaluating the state of your religious community. With over four decades of ministry experience and as the host of a popular podcast, Casey has condensed his teaching into a guide that will help you find honesty and truth in your church experience. Through a collection of stories and exercises, you’ll learn how to assess and transform your place of worship from the top down. 

In Spiritual Abuse, you’ll discover:

Scriptural principles to help you worship with confidence
Steps to protect yourself from abuse and recognize the differences between false doctrine and the truth
Simple worksheets that let you organize your concerns and allow God to shine a light on them
Additional audio content to help you identify the seeds of destruction and root them out
Methods for transforming criticism into a positive life message, and much, much more

Spiritual Abuse is an inspirational testimony and religious guidebook. If you like biblical parables, easy-to-follow steps, and straight talk from a man of God, then you’ll love Casey M. Sabella’s insightful resource. Buy Spiritual Abuse to take an honest look behind the pulpit today!

This book comes with an additional online audio course and workbook designed to guide the listener through a step by step process of both identifying and breaking free from toxic churches. A brief message in the audiobook instructs listeners how to download the worksheets.

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Casey Sabella
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15 août