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Do you want to find out how you can model the thinking patterns of successful people and billionaires like Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, and Jeff Bezos to increase the profits of your business?

Or you´re looking for hacks to increase your productivity as an entrepreneur.

Maybe you also want to sharpen your emotional intelligence in communication for better sales deals.

Then keep reading.

As an entrepreneur you have a multi-disciplinary role, you have to keep an eye on all things in your business, while being productive yourself. You have to communicate with different kind of people in different circumstances. Each situation is unique, and you have to adapt quickly, think fast, and make high quality decisions all day. As a successful entrepreneur improving these skills is key regarding increasing your profits.

Luckily, you do not have to re-invent the wheel. You can discover and replicate thinking models, techniques, and proven methods, from other successful entrepreneurs and business people. You can use these to streamline your thinking - and your negotiation skills. This will naturally lead to improved and faster processes, lower costs, and higher profit margins in your business.

Here´s a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in Systemized Thinking Models for Entrepreneurs:

The "Elon-Musk-Like-Motivation-Installer" - use this to implement internal motivation in your subconscious mind, so your mind will lead you to the desired results on autopilot.
How to persevere even if the odds seem stacked against you
The "3-Second-Mind-Reader" to discover the other persons way of thinking. You can use this to create win-win deals in negotiations and increase your profits
How to avoid unnecessary stress, created by yourself
The "180-Turn-Around Exercise" on how to easily turn your bad habits into good ones
Discover the number one cause preventing you reaching your entrepreneurial goals and learn how to reprogram yourself around it
Three ways to create the "Fuel-of-Success", so you can pick the easiest one for you
One simple rule to help you decide where to put your energy and focus
The "Push-Button" NLP-based technique to regain your focus if you get sidetracked
An often-ignored way to discover bottlenecks and issues way before they become of visible
The stoic way of turning adversity and setbacks into growth and improvements

Other books on this topic tend to be very academic. You have to read a lot of pages and you´ll get little practical advice. This audiobook, in plain-English, is designed to be to the point for entrepreneurs who are busy running and improving their businesses. It gives "spot-on" advice in a "problem->solution" style, which you can implement the very same day. 

Even if you’ve never have taken a course in psychology, the step-by-step explanations will guide you through these very powerful and possibly life-changing models, emotional intelligence techniques and NLP methods to improve your success and profits as an entrepreneur. 

So, if you´re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, get this audiobook today! 

Seth Thompson
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23 août
Joel E. Winston