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A sexy new series for adults who loved A Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and Divergent...

My name is Anna Greely, and I am a human girl living in a dystopian world controlled by the WereDragons.

A world where humanity has been destroyed by technology and the dragons have all the power.

Now, Prince Eli has become the latest dragon to take the throne as king, and he has already made his first request.


I have no idea what a handsome dragon king would want with a shy orphan girl, but when a dragon makes a demand, you have no choice.

You have to submit to him and do whatever he says....

Scroll up and download now to begin an epic journey like no other!

(Note: This audiobook is suitable only for adults.)

Lucy Fear interview about this series:

How would you describe this series to someone who has never listened to it before?

Well, I love to write fantasy and paranormal romance, and I also love, love, love A Game of Thrones. One day in the shower I had a crazy idea for a series that would take royalty and dragon elements of A Game of Thrones but set in a dystopian future. After writing the first book and showing it to some people, they thought I was crazy but they all came back and said, "It works!" Then The Dragon's Throne was born!

What are some of your creative influences?

I do love anything dystopian, with Divergent and Hunger Games being some of my favorites. Naturally I love authors like Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and George R. R. Martin. These days I also love to read self-published authors; one of my favorites at the moment is Bella Forrest. She rocks!

How long will The Dragon's Throne series be?

I expect to be able to tell the story that I want to tell within four books. But the world I have created here is so huge, and so there are lot of possibilities for spinoffs featuring other characters or even for the main couple to go on a new adventure. It all depends on the demand from the fans, of course.

Is Lucy Fear your real name?

I wish! Lucy is my real first name, but when writing books as sexy as this I thought it best to use a pseudonym. I am not sure I want my kids to accidentally read some of this material if they ever saw their mom's name on the Internet.

On that note, just how sexy is this book?

I would like to think it is just the right amount of sexy. The plot is the main strength, but the romance and the chemistry are fairly detailed. I guess you will have to download a copy and decide for yourself.

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