The Enneagram: A Complete Guide to Self-Discovery and Self-Realization Through the Wisdom of the Enneagram, Learning the 9 Personality Types to Improve Relationships with Yourself and Others. (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 11,99 €

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Overcome your barriers and discover your own path to transformation, enlightenment, and development in all aspects of your life with the time-tested wisdom of the Enneagram!

Does it often feel like you're not in alignment with your true purpose? Have you searched long and hard for your true self, but are unable to figure out what will make you happy and fulfilled long-term?

Are you ready to completely understand your true nature, figure out your strengths, and improve on your weak spots?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this audiobook is for you.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool used to help you better understand your nature and the true motivations driving the behavior of the people around you.

In this comprehensive guide, you're going to be shown how to use Enneagram to understand your personality type and drastically improve your relationships, both in your personal life and workplace. By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped with all the tools you need to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Among the insights contained in The Enneagram, you're going to discover:

Everything you need to understand what the enneagram is and how it can transform your life
A concise and detailed look into the nine enneagrams and how to identify your dominant enneatype
Step-by-step instructions to optimize your life for happiness and success specifically tailored to your enneatype
How the enneagram can help you better understand your personality type and help you achieve your goals faster
Proven ways to use the enneagram to improve your personal life and relationships
Commonly asked questions about the enneagram answered
And much, much more!

Filled with deep insights and actionable advice, The Enneagram will increase your awareness with a balanced fusion of psychology and spirituality and will give you a clearer perspective of the human nature, as well as help you find your own path to your highest self-expression.

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