The Healing Solution: Easy guide to the anti-inflammatory diet and autoimmune protocol + 150 quick recipes to eat clean and improve health‪.‬

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Are you looking for a solution to improve the quality of your life?

well, try starting from what you introduce into your body every day. Food is the fuel that fuels your energies, that keeps your body alive, but if it is the wrong one it ends up creating or even worsening precarious health conditions, or situations of gastrointestinal disorder.

Healing begins in the kitchen: choosing the ingredients well, how to mix them, and at the same time what to avoid eating in the presence of chronic conditions, or autoimmune disorders.

What is AIP (autoimmune protocol) ?

The Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) is a diet recommended for those suffering from autoimmune diseases or pain and with a high degree of systemic inflammation, but also for those interested in deep detoxification of the organism or doubt that some very common foods, and normally allowed in other food plans, can be a source of intolerance.

And, why Anti-inflammatory Diet?

Some foods have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which it would be useful to include in your diet and foods that should be avoided. Even the number of calories we introduce each day can become an aggravating factor of inflammation, especially when energy consumption does not justify its introduction. Eating more than we need is never a good idea. The basic principle of an anti-inflammatory diet: calorie reduction.

So, we have created 150 tasty recipes for you to continue to love food by learning not to overeat, and above all to choose your health.

Keep your hunger alive in the kitchen and outside the kitchen !!

Eat clean!! Enjoy the diet, enjoy new life!!

Your recovery begins now!!!

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