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Discover how to cook amazing Japanese-cuisine Weight Watchers meals at home!  

Weight Watchers has created a system of points that helps you determine which meals are the best for your dietary needs. In this cookbook, we have brought you only the best of Japanese cuisine, broken down into 50 top recipes that will not only feed that hunger you have for teriyaki chicken, but also help you stay on track for health and weight-loss efforts. Weight loss is not hard to do when you have helpful resources such as this one.  

So, what can you expect in this cookbook? You can expect to find recipes that not only give you a basis with which to start, but also some amazing variations of classic Japanese recipes. This audiobook is broken down into chapters that are designed to help you pick a smart-point meal that will help you stay on track but also give you many options from which to chose.  

The first chapter is all about the zero-point system, and it is filled with breakfast-style meals as well as lunch-style meals.  
Then we move on to the under-two-point system that includes lunch meals that are also great for dinner.  
Chapter three is about the under-four-points system and includes lunch- and dinner-appropriate meals.  
Next is chapter four, which has the under-six-point meals that are great for dinners but can also be used for a heavier lunch.  
Then we have chapters five and six, where we start to build out the day with more dinner recipes. However, they are high points, so chapter five includes those under 10 points and then chapter six includes desserts, drinks, and dressings.  

This helps you have a well-rounded day with meals that are specific to Japanese cuisine. They not only give you a great meal for family, friends, or just yourself, but they also provide you with the added nutrients and healthy options you need when losing weight. 

As with any recipe guide, we offer suggestions for products to purchase for using in the meals, and we also suggest lower calorie items. There are several meals that have multiple recipes for variations on the traditional meal, such as udon noodles. We took this audiobook one step further than most cookbooks about Japanese cuisine and included sushi options and directions on how to make the perfect sushi roll.  

You definitely will be able to find that perfect meal for the next dinner party you plan or for that special date night.  

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