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If you are ready to learn about a Book of Shadows and start your very own, then this is the book to answer all your questions.

There is a special tool in Wicca and witchcraft that is going to help you organize your knowledge and further your spiritual growth and Wiccan Journey. This tool is called the Book of Shadows.

Much more than a mere spell book or journal, a Book of Shadows is going to become your personal sacred text for your solitary practice.

More than that, you will discover how a Book of Shadows can enhance your own Wiccan practices and help you develop your own traditions.

Welcome to the sixth book in this comprehensive, complete series by Crystal Moon of the guides that will provide you with all the information you could ever need about Wicca! Wicca Book of Shadows is the sixth installment in this must have series.

Dive into the world of White and Black Magic. Learn skills for meditation, divination, writing your own spells, and more! In just this volume, you will have access to exclusive spells, exercises, and rituals to enhance and further your own collection.

With this unique collection of knowledge, empower yourself with the greatest tool you will have during the course of your life and your Wiccan journey.

This audio is packed full of detailed information on how to use your Book of Shadows in daily life, as well as more specific magical applications like in spells and rituals, or even dreams and mediations!

In this book, you will learn:

The history of the Book of Shadows
The difference between a Book of Shadows and a Grimoire
Three magical rune alphabets
Why you should write your own Book of Shadows
How to choose the best kind of Book of Shadows for yourself
The different methods of organizing the information in your Book of Shadows
How to protect and keep your Book of Shadows hidden from prying eyes
And more....

Your Book of Shadows is going to be a source of knowledge and organization for your and all the knowledge and wisdom you collect in your studies.

This book will teach you how to transform your Book of Shadows from a mere journal into a record of your spiritual legacy. You’ll learn how to create a teaching guide that can be passed down to future generations that wish to share your knowledge and teachings.

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Remember that this is the sixth book in a complete series of Wiccan books. They are all equally fascinating and filled with the best quality information you could ask for in your studies. Make sure to check out all the books and have a more complete library of Wiccan beginner guides.

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25 octobre
Crystal Moon