Yoga for the Surf, Vol. 2: Yoga Class and Guide Book (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 8,99 €

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This Hatha yoga class has been devised for surfers, kite surfers, windsurfers, wake boarders, knee boarders and water-skiers with some previous experience of yoga helping you take your sport to the next level.
Yoga for the Surf, Vol. 2, naturally progresses from Yoga2hear's Yoga for the Surf, Vol.1, class. The class has been devised by Sue Fuller, a leading yoga professional with many years experience of teaching yoga to surfers, kite surfers, etc.

Yoga for the Surf, Vol. 2, has been designed to improve flexibility, strength, co-ordination, balance, and mental focus, helping you to take your sport to the next level.

The class starts with a short relaxation to focus the mind and prepare the body; it then continues with 19 yoga postures, some of which are strong postures specifically included to increase upper body strength and flexibility, and ends with a longer relaxation.

The class instructions are mixed with a relaxing background music track that sets a mood perfect for yoga. A printable PDF guidebook that highlights the easy-to-follow instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture accompanies this class.

Yoga2hear classes are practical and effective; they give you the freedom to enjoy high quality yoga instruction whenever and wherever you choose. Having your yoga class in an audio format encourages you to focus 100% on the easy-to-follow instructions.

Yoga2hear classes can be used again and again. In order to achieve maximum benefits from the classes they should be practiced frequently.

We highly recommend that you use this class in conjunction with the other classes in the Yoga2hear range. This will provide variety and allow exposure to a broader range of postures and techniques.

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Sue Fuller
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19 septembre
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