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#100TweetsOfLife Illustrated is the illustrated version of Plutaunt’s stream of unconscionable on Twitter, which ran from mid-summer to early fall of 2012.  Short and tweet, it dares to be insightful and wise, but never threatens the reader by actually going there.  The ideal read for anyone who enjoys finishing an entire book while perched on the loo.  Most importantly, #100TweetsOfLife Illustrated is a tribute to the author's favorite women - mother, sister, and wife, all of whom belong to a club they never wanted to join.

The images were taken by the author over the past twenty years, mostly from the West Coast flora.  They are intended to provide a contrast of light and color to the tweets, which are pretty black and white.  As for critical reviews —

Profoundly banal,” Mitt Roomy.

“Sumptuously insipid,” Barracked Obama.

“Blatantly false truisms,” Dali Lamia.

“A ‘must read’ for any 14-year-old who is being forced to read at least one book this semester,” Justin Bibber.

“Short, sour, and pointless – my new bible,” Donald Triumph.

“Things my mother taught me that forced me into therapy,” Woody Alien.

 “The perfect book for imperfect people, reading #100TweetsOfLife will forever change your something,” The Holy Sea. 

“Not pretty, not sexy, not smart, not expensive, not sophisticated, in other words, the perfect Christmas gift,” Newt Grinch. 

“Regrettably memorable and mercilessly short,” Oprah Windy.

“If you do not have time to read a book this year, then don’t read this,” Lady Gaggle.

“The gothic novel of tweets,” Buzz Stone.

“It is like a great movie trailer without the disappointing $10 movie,” Sammy Glick.

“God is turning over in his grave,” Mike Huckstery.

“Pithiful,” Any S. Humor.

“Almost worth criticizing,” Palmetto Pam.

“The final word on arguing for silence,” Kanye Vest.

“It says nothing; it says everything.” Kim Corinthian.

“This might explain Twitter’s stock price,” Jack Does-He.

“Irony using a 5-iron,” Tiger Would.

“A million monkeys typing on a million typewriters for a million years could do better, except for the pictures,” Hillary Clip-on.

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30 octobre