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Flow is the new game in town, a concept that will surpass lean and agile as the most important framework for innovative enterprises.

Every business regardless of size has to become lean and business agile. But now, in the VUCA age, they need to go further and adopt the idea of flow. This is your guidebook to how that can work for you. It is a must read for anybody in the agile community or who is involved in digital transformation and innovation. It is a follow on to Flow: A Handbook for Change-Makers. Suitable for anyone wishing to understand how an end-to-end perspective on value changes the way you work and succeed.

12 Steps is particularly suitable for anybody with a role in innovation, project managers, marketers, software developers, coaches and leaders.

Flow takes new ways of working beyond the principles of the lean and the agile manifestoes, providing a light framework for for collaborative work in the unique VUCA economy.

Flow allows teams, leaders and enterprises to reach beyond agile objectives: engaging people in creative collaboration through highly focused customer centricity, socially rich visualisation, and creating value in unique visual, interactive settings.

Flow but will also appeal to colleagues in digital marketing, innovation and strategy. New ways to work involve everybody in learning new skills. It will enhance the career prospects and business understanding of project managers, scrum masters, agile coaches, business analysts and product owners as well as software engineers and developers.12 Steps to Flow is designed to help people guide their firms and careers in the new economy. Get in the flow in 12 steps.

Entreprise et management
30 mai
Haydn Shaughnessy

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