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Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of military sexual assault and trauma is provided in this unique ebook compilation of important military and VA documents, with victim testimony to the Senate in March 2013, medical guidelines and courses, and military justice information.

Four important Veterans Administration and Department of Defense references on military sexual trauma and assault are included: the VA Independent Study Course on MST; the Defense Department Task Force Report on Care for Victims of Sexual Assault; Defense Department Reports on Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Violence Prevention and Response including Military Service Academies; and the Defense Task Force Report on Sexual Assault in the Military - Annual Report, December 2009. The VA report is a full reproduction; the other documents are abridged and edited for ebook reproduction. Together, they provide a sweeping overview of all aspects of the MST problem, with information on prevention, reporting, investigation, prosecution, system accountability, metrics and statistics, victim health care, and much more. There is a full discussion of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program, definitions and terms, assessments, military justice, resources for victims, training and education, staff work, and more.

The VA course, written for healthcare professionals, covers the recognition and treatment of health problems related to MST. Thorough coverage includes: Health Correlates of Sexual Trauma; Screening for MST; What to Do Next: Responding to MST Disclosure; Referring the Patient to Mental Health and Social Services; Treatment of Mental Health Sequelae; Documentation Issues; Compensation Issues; Complex Patient-Provider Relationship Issues; Medical Procedures for MST Survivors: Avoiding PTSD Flares; Risk for Revictimization; Intimate Partner Violence; Acute Sexual Trauma; How Clinicians can Care for Themselves and Avoid Burnout; References; Case Studies; Military Sexual Trauma Program in the VA; Advantages of Screening for MST; Resources and Information about Sexual Trauma and Abuse; Information about Sexual Trauma & VA Services; Pharmacotherapy for PTSD; Danger Signals in Staff-Patient Relationships; and Domestic Violence Screening: Special Issues.

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