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This illustrated Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG) describes the spectrum of worldwide systems and system trends in the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE), serving as an authoritative "encyclopedia" of weapons around the world. This is the newest edition revised in 2011. This handbook is one of a series that describes a contemporary Opposing Force (OPFOR) for training U.S. Military commanders, staffs, and units. Together, these handbooks outline an OPFOR than can cover the entire spectrum of military and paramilitary capabilities against which the U.S. Military must train to ensure success in any future conflict.

Part Two includes the section of Volume One covering infantry vehicles.

Table: Selection Matrix for Infantry Carriers * Auxiliary Weapons for Infantry Vehicles * Armored Personnel Carriers * BOV-M * BTR-60PA * BTR-60PB * BTR-80 * BTR-80A * BTR-90 * BTR-152 Armored Transporter * M113A1 * Pandur * VTT-323 * WZ 551A/Type 92 * YW 531A/531C/Type 63-II Vehicle Series * YW 531H/Type 85 Vehicle Series * Infantry Fighting Vehicles * AMX-10P IFV * BMP-1 IFV * BMP-1P IFV * BMP-2 IFV * BMP-2M and BMP-2M Berezhok IFV * Marder 1IFV * Warrior IFV * Specialized Infantry Carriers * BMD-1/-1P/-2 Airborne Fighting Vehicle * BMD-3/BMD-4M Airborne Fighting Vehicle * BMP-3 UAE IFV/Infantry Fire Support Vehicle * BMP-3M IFV/IFSV * Kliver IFV/APC/IFSV Turret * BTR-D Airborne APC * Fire Support Vehicles for Maneuver Forces * Infantry Fire Support Vehicles (FSVs) * Infantry Air Defense/Antitank (ADAT) Vehicles * Heavy Combat Support Vehicles * BTR-T APC/Heavy Combat Support Vehicle * Combat Support Vehicles * UAZ-469 Tactical Utility Vehicle * S55 Personnel Carrier * VBL and VBR Armored Carrier * V-150 Armored Vehicle * MT-LB Light Armored Multi-purpose Vehicle * Cobra Light Armored Vehicle * Striker Light Strike Vehicle * Gear-up Motorcycle * Supacat All-Terrain Vehicle

Infantry vehicles include all military vehicles designed for use by infantry and other tactical units. They vary from unarmored multi-role vehicles to specialized vehicles with armor which rivals or surpasses that of tanks. Mechanized infantry units use signature light armored fighting vehicles (LAFVs) designed as infantry squad carriers. But increasingly, mechanized and conventional infantry also use large numbers of varied fire support, combat support and combat service support vehicles, armored and unarmored, for supporting missions in and out of combat. The intensity of combat on the modern battlefield requires infantry vehicles that are mobile, survivable, and lethal. Many vehicles are being fielded or upgraded for modern requirements. Due to budgetary constraints, forces also use commercial vehicles and military vehicles considered obsolete, but still suited for their roles. The U.S. Army, in its next conflict, is likely to encounter infantry forces with a mix of older, newer, and upgraded infantry vehicles.

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