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Best-selling author and in-demand motivational speaker Mel Robbins believes that it’s not you that is broken, just your thinking. In her highly anticipated follow-up to The 5 Second Rule, she exposes the key negative thought patterns that are getting you stuck and how to achieve Mindset Reset: a fast and transformative process that uses deliberate thinking to get the life you want.
To free your mind and change your future, you’ll reprogram the way you think about:
• Your past: Learn to let go of shame and regret, and take ownership of what happened.
• Toxic people: Build strategic boundaries and assume good intent.
• Time: Discover the outdated timelines holding you back when opportunity strikes.
• Social media and FOMO: Decrease social comparison and increase value.
• Self-doubt: Apply science-backed processes to replace worry with optimism.

Become an expert in spotting and defusing these landmines, and you’ll be free to run full-speed in the direction you want, knocking out personal and professional goals along the way. You can take charge of your happiness and your future—with real results in just a matter of days.

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