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Ernest Bramah

Melville Davisson Post

Grant Allen

E. W. Hornung

Emile Gaboriau

G. K. Chesterton

Gaston Leroux

Maurice Leblanc

Edgar Wallace

Thomas W. Hanshew

R. Austin Freeman

Sax Rohmer

J. S. Fletcher


Ernest Bramah

The Coin Of Dionysius,

The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem,

The Tragedy At Brookbend Cottage,

The Clever Mrs Straithwaite,

The Last Exploit Of Harry The Actor,

The Tilling Shaw Mystery,

The Comedy At Fountain Cottage,

The Game Played In The Dark,

Melville Davisson Post

The Sleuth Of St. James's Square

Grant Allen

An African Millionaire

1. The Episode Of The Mexican Seer 

2. The Episode Of The Diamond Links 

3. The Episode Of The Old Master 

4. The Episode Of The Tyrolean Castle 

5. The Episode Of The Drawn Game 

6. The Episode Of The German Professor 

7. The Episode Of The Arrest Of The Colonel 

8. The Episode Of The Seldon Gold-Mine 

9. The Episode Of The Japanned Dispatch-Box 

10. The Episode Of The Game Of Poker 

11. The Episode Of The Bertillon Method 

12. The Episode Of The Old Bailey

E. W. Hornung

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Mr. Justice Raffles,

Emile Gaboriau,

The Clique Of Gold,

The Lerouge Case,

Other People's Money,

Baron Trigault's Vengeance,

The Count's Millions,

Caught In The Net,

Monsieur Lecoq,

The Champdoce Mystery,

The Mystery Of Orcival,

G. K. Chesterton

He Wisdom Of Father Brown

One — The Absence Of Mr Glass

Two — The Paradise Of Thieves

Three — The Duel Of Dr Hirsch

Four — The Man In The Passage

Five — The Mistake Of The Machine

Six — The Head Of Caesar

Seven — The Purple Wig

Eight — The Perishing Of The Pendragons

Nine — The God Of The Gongs

Ten — The Salad Of Colonel Cray

Eleven — The Strange Crime Of John Boulnois

Twelve — The Fairy Tale Of Father Brown

The Innocence Of Father Brown,

The Blue Cross,

The Secret Garden,

The Queer Feet,

The Flying Stars,

The Invisible Man,

The Honour Of Israel Gow,

The Wrong Shape,

The Sins Of Prince Saradine,

The Hammer Of God,

The Eye Of Apollo,

The Sign Of The Broken Sword,

The Three Tools Of Death,

Gaston Leroux

The Secret Of The Night,

The Mystery Of The Yellow Room

Maurice Leblanc

Arsene Lupin,

The Hollow Needle,

The Eight Strokes Of The Clock,

Edgar Wallace

The Clue Of The Twisted Candle,

The Daffodil Mystery,

Thomas W. Hanshew

 The Man Of The Forty Faces,

The Riddle Of The Frozen Flame,

R. Austin Freeman

The Mystery Of 31 New Inn,

The Red Thumb Mark,

Sax Rohmer

The Yellow Claw,


J. S. Fletcher

The Paradise Mystery,

The Orange-Yellow Diamond

Jeunes adultes
August 17
Pirate press

Plus de livres par Ernest Bramah, Melville Davisson Post, Grant Allen, E. W. Hornung, Émile Gaboriau, G. K. Chesterton, Gaston Leroux, Maurice Leblanc, Edgar Wallace, Thomas W. Hanshew, R. Austin Freeman, Sax Rohmer, J. S. Fletcher & Ronghua Xiang