60 Spiritual Lessons Making Sense of the Bible

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One morning while praying, the Holy Spirit told me to rent a booth at the local flea market. The Lord led me to set up the booth as a prayer booth to be able to pray for people as they came by. When I would notice something physically wrong, or I would learn of some physical problem by talking to them, I would ask them if I could pray for them. If they said yes, I would begin to minister the Word of God. I would then pray for them, and after I prayed I would see a lot of amazing results (many supernatural miracles). I believe that the Word of God will work when we use it. When we share how Jesus healed everyone so many times, and He said we can do what He did, I choose to believe it. I would tell people this, and give them testimonies of people that I had prayed for that was healed. I would also tell them because He was beaten; we have the right to receive physical healing. 1Peter 2:24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

In the beginning one of the worship leaders, would bring his guitar, and would sing. This would cause many people to stop, listen and visit. Sometimes tracts were also used. It wasn’t long before the Lord laid upon my heart to write a page as a testimony to witness to them. I’m not sure, but I think the first was either Is there life after death, or Are you going to heaven. I wanted this to be a witness tool for salvation, but it turned much different than I expected. Every week the Lord would lay upon my heart a different subject. (This also led to some repetition in the different subjects.) As they walked by I would say, “let me give you something to read.” A few rejected them, but many would come back the next week with their hand held out wanting the next one. I believe this was giving them revelation from the Lord they were not getting any other way.

I believe people are hungry for knowledge, but don’t know where to go to get what they need, and many can not afford what is sold in the market. When the weather was cold, I would pass out about 350 to 400. When the weather was good, I would pass out up to 700. If people were interested, I would not only give them the one I was passing out on that day, but all the ones I had previously written up to that point. I tried to make each one fit on one page so when they passed by, I would give them one sheet. I had contact information on the bottom. Some took them to be polite and threw them away, but out of the several hundred, I would only see or know of 4 or 5 that were discarded on any given day. I feel confident that I passed somewhere between 60,000 to 70,000 sheets, either individually or in a package. One of my helpers would go to a grocery store like dollar general or family dollar and pass them out. Some stores made him stand outside in the parking lot, some let him pass them inside the store. I passed out many packages that included all of them in my occupation and among friends and family.

It wasn’t long until I begin getting reports. Some told me that people would teach Sunday School with them. Others told me they would set them beside their Bibles and read them with the Bible, and this was what helped them get through some of their struggles. I had a 70 year old man tell me he didn’t understand the Bible until he read these articles, and then it began to make sense (he had been saved a large part of his life.) I’ve had people tell me that they would read them, and then put them on the bulletin board at work. People would come and say their pastors would ask where they got them.

I believe God’s hand is on these articles, and He will bless anyone that feels led to promote them. My purpose is to teach people the Word of God (Bible), so they are able to draw closer to God and serve Him better. Romans 10:17 faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ, I am Stanley Waide.

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25 février
Stanley Waide