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Lila Black was tired of being told what to do.

Growing up the golden girl of the Red Angels MC, a club known to be fierce and ruthless, Lila obeyed her father, the club president, all her life, even when it kept her from the things she wanted.

But after receiving an order she refuses to follow, she decides to get away from her father and the men in the club who are all too eager to keep her captive to her father’s demands. She takes off, leaving her father and his club behind, hoping to find a new life.

Lucas Grant was good at following orders.

He knew how to obey, and that made him valuable to the president of the Iron Sons MC. Didn’t matter what the job was, Lucas would get it done without objection or hesitation.

Things have gotten bad for the Iron Sons with a rival club trying to move in on their turf, so the president decides to make a statement by sending Lucas to find and bring back the daughter of the Red Angels' president. After finally tracking the girl down, Lucas makes his move and soon they’re both headed back to the Iron Sons.

Lila’s more of a challenge than Lucas ever expected.

Something about the girl has Lucas hesitating when he never has before and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman. Lila hates this man who overpowers her so easily, and hates him more for the way that, even after kidnapping her, her body still screams with longing for the beautiful man who handles her gently.

As the Iron Sons try to use Lila for their benefit, Lucas finds himself drawn further in until he’s breaking rules he’s never broken before. And Lila feels herself being pulled to Lucas, and isn’t sure how to break away, or if she even wants to anymore.

18 avril
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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