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Frank, at his company’s annual Christmas party, was given an old box with sand inside as a gift while others at the firm were given beautiful treasures from the owner’s worldwide travels. Frank compared his unusual gift to what his coworkers received and considered that perhaps his work may not be at the same level as his peers which was why he received such a poor gift from the owner. Frank left the party disheartened.

Later that night something magical happened with the old box filled with sand. As Frank descended the stairs to relieve his late night distress he passed the parlor door. There he noticed something different was in the dark room waiting. Inside a man of unusual color sat watching for Frank to pass on his way to the bathroom.

In complete disbelief Frank noticed the old box that was given to him, as a gift, was part of the chair that the old man was sitting on. Bearing the light of his candle down on the old man, Frank also noticed the sand inside the box had assembled itself into an old man sitting before him and it spoke to Frank about his future.

Thus began Frank’s seven day journey about the true gifts of Christmas and the trials we all must face in accepting the truths we do not want to accept.

This is a story that will break your heart while enlightening your spirit about hope and Christmas. Not all tragedy ends in tragedy and not all truths come from a magical box filled with sand.

Romans et littérature
24 mai
Patrick Meservier

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