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The streets of Baltimore, home of "The Wire" is known for its crime-ridden, drug-infested neighborhoods. Thriving, the city's murder rate is accustomed to being ranked statistically with the nations most dangerous cities. Untold are the stories connected to the brazen, witty, risk-taking characters prowling the treacherous hoods within "Charm City". A Park Heights Tale offers a rare depiction inside the minds of some of the individuals whose daily routine is to make a living through the offers given in the underworld. Little to no job opportunities, one of the highest drop out rates I in the nation; hustling is a way of life and how society functions in the 21215. What one might take as a minor insult in one area of the world could possibly land them in an obituary in this town. At least that's the mentality these young n****s have today.
When they said the game is to be sold and never told that jewel resonated deep in the mind of a debonair and sophisticated young pusher from the state of New Jersey. When he enters the scene he shows his fellow comrads in Baltimore how to skillfully motivate and inspire a whole city. The game he instills in the minds he encounters isn't free at all. In fact, it's lining his pockets with dead presidents. With money tied into the stock market, real estate and constantly booming sex trade, he's strapped with more than enough cash to have things his way. Although he's on a major paper chase, money and being book smart aren't the only essentials needed to survive in the belly of the beast. The question now: can this pretty boy be ruthless too?
Beside every hustler is a woman who understands the logistics of the game, especially when she's fucking with a real nigga whose gonna meticulously groom her to his liking. The perfect example is this sexy red-bone chick named Wanda. In need of some quick cash and some good dick can only equal one thing. (At least that's what she thought!) When she added the two notions together before jumping head first into a secret society so vicious her life began to depict a life style similar to a protagonist in a gangsta movie. To make it happen for her family and team she plays the role of a mother, loving friend, and cum-catching whore. One particular event she's called to do something so cunning no matter what decision she makes will change her life forever. Is she leading this new life for good? Or is she only doing what needs to be done to pay the bills? It will be revealed when her baby's father is released from prison. With the new flame in her life calling the shots and providing her with the finer things, whose side will she take when these two men meet? That's IF she's given a choice.
Luckily for Wanda, her best friend can relate since she too has a series of tumultuous situations knocking at her front door. A thick, curvaceous, insatiable freak with a monsterous ass, Ms. Janice is chasing and stacking that paper also. In a very undercover, discreet manner that is. When they say them church girls are freaks they weren't lying as this lady sure will show you. In one instance she's on her knees praising the Lord and in a flash on those same knees she's worshipping dicks. Morally in tune with leading a life conducive to pleasing God by living righteously, her only flaws are her addiction to money and sex. How in the world did those habits have this good ol' christian girl in church alongside her parents and boyfriend committing an infamous sin. Right when her life seemed it couldn't get any better, one wrong move and past decisions threaten to make it worse. Dating Smoove, the unofficial mayor of Park Heights, a thorough, ruthless, militant hustler, 20 years her junior, this cougar knows her clock is ticking. Will she make the right move before time runs out?
A Park Heights Tale
The Paper chase

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1 avril
Kevin Miller

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