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She lost her first chance at love…

After spending six years to an oppressive husband, Evelyn Ashley-Cooper is free to be herself again, to live again… and to love again. If only she remembered how! Eve finds herself floundering under the veneer of perfection  her domineering husband demanded, unable to unleash the vivacious girl she was once was from the confines of her prim exterior.

Since meeting Eve many years before, Francis MacKintosh has become a man embittered by life, by a wife who has made him a cuckold to the whole of Scotland, and by a scandalous divorce. He never thought that he would find Eve, his Eden, once again or that he would dare push aside his disdain of the fairer sex, to trust, and love once more. But for Eve, for the love and happiness he is suddenly certain they can find in each other, he finds himself willing to take a chance.
If only he might convince his true love to do the same!

They found a second chance together…

Love and desire tempt Eve to shed her old self and begin anew, but she's torn between the yearning to be with Francis and a determination never to put herself under the thumb of another man. Francis' seduction and ability to blend her proper side with the spirited Eve of years past lures the countess back to him, but just when happiness seems but a step away, their mutual pasts will come crashing down around them attempting to tear them apart.

Eve and Francis will have to risk their lives for a second chance and a future together.
The question remains, will their rediscovered love be enough to conquer all?

14 novembre
My Personal Bubble LLC

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