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This book presents a critical review of the status of energy security in Asia and suggests how a country or a region collectively can achieve energy security in two broad aspects. First, it analyzes how regional cooperation and energy trade can enhance energy security in the region. Second, it reviews how energy security can be ensured in national and regional general contexts. From the reviews and analyses, this book asserts that diversification and integration are key to ensuring energy security. It presents policy implications for enhancing energy security, especially in resource-rich as well as resource-poor developing countries in Asia.
Contents: Preface and Introductory RemarksEnergy Security, Energy Cooperation and Policy Implications:Addressing Climate Change and Energy Security Through Energy Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities in South AsiaRegulatory and Policy Challenges on ASEAN Energy Security and IntegrationMultiple Gas Market Hubs, China's Energy Security and Regional Cooperation in AsiaEnergy Cooperation and Interdependence in Central Asia and Caspian Region for Improving the Energy SecurityEnergy Security, National and Regional Perspective:Nepal's Electricity Security: Using Political Economy Analysis to Illuminate the Reform PathIndian Electricity Sector: Diversification, Energy Security and SustainabilityAttaining Energy Security in Viet Nam: Impediments and Policy ImplicationsEnergy Cooperation and Security in Central Asia: The Possible Synergy between Hydrocarbon Rich and Water Rich CountriesAssessing Energy Security in Caspian Region: The Geopolitical Implications to European Energy StrategyTowards Energy Security in ASEAN: Impact of Regional Integration, Renewables and Energy Efficiency
Readership: Graduate students; researchers, economists, and policy makers interested in energy economics; energy policy; resource economics and energy planning.Energy Security;Energy Cooperation;Energy Insecurity;Diversification;Integration;Energy Policy;Geopolitics0Key Features:Theoretical application of energy security by experts in energy economics and energy securityUnique but wide geographical coverageGeopolitical consideration into the analyses

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