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The Book, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is a compendium of huge historical and social anthropology. The facts are sacred and absolute. The book covered the antecedents of the Stone Age and dealt with the dynamics of contemporary issues including the socioeconomic, religious and political life of the people of Achina Idegwu.

It is a chronicle of important events which had over the time dominated the experience of the people from the period memory can stretch. The detailed highlight of the traditional and cultural disposition of the people over the ages is passionate. From the very beginning of its existence the early contact with the White man and the accompanying battle for supremacy, the inter communal wars aggression which by that commission provided internal security and cohesion are largely part of the exciting content of this book.

From the era of the worship of deities to the advent of Christianity and the ‘follow come’ formal education and government in Achina and the unfolding issues till date, the attendant tussles, secession, political manipulations in Achina Idegwu and in some of its neighboring communities are better obtained from this book than either imagined or picked in bits from pockets of uncoordinated folklore.

I therefore share the feelings that no other archive can further stock or preserve these collections in so much a liberal and copious manner as this book has already done.
Perhaps for the local content of patriotism, the perception of the author concerning the personality of an average Achina Idegwu man and woman is understandably presented in an elegant carriage depicting Achina Idegwu people as people with a lot of courage and dynamism.

Finally, the circulation of this documentary (which x-rayed the life and existence of Achina Idegwu) has provided a valuable reference source for further research on the community.
Here therefore lies the compelling need for one to read and keep a copy for oneself and for posterity.

24 avril
Nweke Ifeanyi Green

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